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On Friday November 28, 2008 Torpedo opened its doors for the first time with the opening of its Spanish Town Branch, it commenced business with two employees. Within six (6) months Founder and Managing Director (Mr. Rohan Silvera) increased the presence of the company with the opening of another branch - Portmore.

Responding to the challenges of satisfying customers’ needs within the parish of St. Catherine led us to open a third branch within another major town in the parish. This new branch was located in the town of Linstead on September 13, 2010, much to the delight of customers who would have travelled to Spanish Town to do business with us.

With the strong feedback and welcoming interactions with the people, with over a dozen locations opened since conception the “driver” for Torpedo Investment Limited Mr. Rohan Silvera, was not satisfied has he sought to accomplish more location in other parishes across the island. Mr Silvera’s main objective was to establish a branch in every town. The month of May gave birth to two additional branches, that is the Spaulding branch at Shop #3, Everything Plaza, Main Street Spaulding on May 12, 2016 in the parish of Clarendon and the Falmouth branch located at Shop #4 Elite Plaza, 63A Market Street, in the parish of Trelawny on May 30, 2016.

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Torpedo Loans is by Jamaicans for Jamaicans which Includes YOU! Our loans process is simple and for anyone we is in need of financial assistance be it an Individual or an Organization.

Whether you are a Large Organization, Self-Employed, Civil Servant, Taxi-Operator, Office Clerk or a simple Farmer, Torpedo Loan is here to serve you.

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Torpedo Loans is people first as such our courteous and knowledgable staff will work with you to to find the best applicable solution to your financial needs.

At Torpedo Loan you have instant access to managers and directors who knows you are more than just $figues and want to ensure that you are being treated with the outmost best service and level of professionalism

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