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Frequently Asked Questions

1Do you offer same do loan processing?
Yes, We do however, conditions apply.
2Does the company do salary deduction?
Yes we offer salary deductions.
3How long do I get to repay a loan?
Repayment plans ranges from three (3) to twenty four (24) months.
4Can the application fee be withdrawn from the loan?
Yes the application fee can be withdrawn from the loan once you are an existing customer.
5Do I need a job letter?
A job letter is not a must but if you take it we'll accept.
6Do I need payslips?
No you don't however if you take in your payslips we will accept as further documentation.
1Do I need utility bills?
No you don't however if you take in your utility bills we will accept.
2Can I get more than one loans
Yes, but you must first complete the first loan
3Is the application fee refundable?
The application fee is not refundable.
4How do I repay my loan?
Salary deduction or over the counter? Loans can be repaid by Salary Deduction, Over the Counter, Paymaster, NCB (an account number will be provided to you) or BNS (an account number will be provided to you)
5Do you have a fixed interest?
No we don't have a fixed interest on our loans.
6How much can I borrow for the first time?
First time applicant can borrow from Ten Thousand Dollars ($10,000.00) to One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00). conditions apply.
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